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Are you recovering from a recent injury and/or surgery? Are you affected by a more long-term condition? Once your physical therapy sessions are complete, it’s important to begin a fitness program to maintain your progress and aid in the healing process. Patients are frequently discharged from therapy before they’re fully ready to assume continued recovery on their own. If your recovery has stalled and you’d like to experience further improvement, we’re here to help.

Rebound Fitness specializes in medical exercise and post-rehab training to help you rebound from your injury safely and quickly while under the supervision of an experienced, certified therapeutic specialist and personal fitness trainer.

The benefits of Rebound Fitness programs include:

  • Easy to follow exercises and routines
  • Improvement in range of motion, strength, & performance
  • Less pain
  • Increased stability and balance
  • More independence & a better quality of life
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• Fitness Programs •


Regular cardio-respiratory exercise is recommended for everyone. Exercising your heart will lead to an improved quality of life and will help you recover much more quickly.


Stronger muscles mean better mobility and less pain. Your daily tasks will become easier to complete and recreational activities will be more enjoyable.

Balance & Stability

Exercises that focus on balance and stability can help you feel more comfortable and capable in your step. The risk of tripping or falling will be greatly reduced.

  • “If I had had no improvement there would be very apparent damage to the nerve and they would consider a fix to the spine. Well, surgery is not recommended for a fix because of the improvement that your training program is producing. How can I ever fully thank you for helping me out of this depressing situation.”

    Myron M.
  • Matt is great at working at my fitness level and pushing to the next stage.

    Dan L.
  • Matt was very helpful with listening to my specific needs and ability constraints and helped me with exercises and stretches that allowed me to get back to a running and fitness level I wanted. Thank you very much, Matt!

    Luke F.
  • Matt was great in helping me find exercises I can do at the gym or at home to help strengthen areas that I have struggled with after a series of injuries. He was extremely patient and supportive in helping me master the proper techniques to help me in transition to doing the exercises on my own, and very knowledgeable of exercises that would most help me in reaching my personal fitness goals.

    Laura B.
  • I appreciated that Matt went to the trouble to look into specific exercises for my needs.

    Lisa U.
  • Matt was my first personal training experience. He's very good at his job as well as being fun and personable. I really enjoyed and benefited from his training regimen which he changed up to suit my training needs. I highly recommend Matt if you're looking for a great trainer!

    Sarah C.
  • Matt was knowledgeable and directed me into a program that augmented what my doctor wanted. With this expanded program I know the end result will be superior to what I had initially expected.

    Allan R.
  • Matt did everything needed to get me and my 13-year-old son going on a weight and aerobic training program. He was patient, knowledgeable and a thoroughly pleasant person to work with.

    Rod W.
  • For the last seven months, Matt Miller has been doing personal training with our son who suffered a brain injury almost ten years ago. They meet twice a week at the Apex Center in Arvada, Colorado. The work they have done together has helped our son in many ways. His balance is better than it was, he is stronger, and he looks forward to his workout sessions. Matt has been patient, understanding, responsible, competent and professional.

    Ann L.
  • Matt was a wonderful trainer. He was willing to work with my schedule and met me at the Apex Rec Center in Arvada, Colorado. He helped me by listening to my concerns about physical limitations that restrict what I can do when it comes to working out. We worked together to find different ways to do the same exercises or to modify exercises if needed. He showed me how to monitor by excursion level and what it takes to build strength and/or lose weight. He showed me different ways to build core strength. I liked the fact that he would not just show me how to do an exercise but was willing to do them with me. The workouts were always high quality. Matt met all my expectations as a trainer. Thanks, Matt!

    Nancy V.
  • Matt is my 10-week instructor for personal training at the Apex Center in Arvada, Colorado. We are about half way through and he has been very encouraging as well as teaching me the correct way to use each of the exercise machines in the facility. I'm a senior woman and I really appreciate his gentle approach. I recommend Matt for personal training to get your energy and strength back.

    Nell D.
  • Matt is the personal trainer for an autistic, developmentally delayed man that I care for. Matt is caring, always prompt and professional. Matt tailors the workouts specifically to what this man needs and meets him right where he is. This man really likes Matt, and he has a lot of difficulty relating to most people. His level of being healthy has increased so much since working out with Matt. This man has many medical issues, and Matt specifically tailors his sessions to address these medical issues. I do not think this man would be able to work with anyone else. Matt does a fantastic job of communicating what is working during workouts with me. Thank you, Matt!

    Jack W.

Mobile & In-Home Sessions Available

Services are available in your home when convenient locations are not available or if you don’t feel comfortable in a public facility.  Sometimes it can feel intimidating exercising with larger groups of people and unfamiliar equipment so let Rebound Fitness come to you.

Flexible Scheduling For Your Convenience

After an initial free consultation to discuss goals and directions, scheduling of sessions is done to accommodate what will work best with your needs. Evening and weekend sessions are possible.

• Matt Appears on Consumer News TV •

Rebound Fitness was contacted by Consumer News Television (CNTV) in the summer of 2017 to be interviewed for a spot that aired on cable channels in the Denver market. The spot highlights owner Matt Miller and his background, experience, and reasons for entering the field of therapeutic recreation.

“Gary did a great job getting to the root of what makes me tick, asking pertinent questions and leading the interview in the right direction. Worth a look at me explaining why I do what I do.” – Matt Miller

Rebound Fitness Is Certified By Gary Sobol’s Parkinson’s Network

Rebound Fitness is certified to teach fitness activities and specific exercise routines designed for clients with Parkinson’s disease.  These routines and exercises are designed to address the very specific limitations that characterize Parkinson’s disease, including strength, gait/mobility, speech, balance and overall stability.

Certified by GZ Sobol's Parkinson's Network
Certified by National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification